New WOS October 14 Release Notes

New structure search page, expanded timespan support and updates to your search history.

Structure search updates

We updated the structure search pages for both the Web of Science Core Collection and the Derwent Innovation Index.
The new query builder is aligned with the document search tool in other collections, providing a more uniform search experience.
Users may save or upload a MOL file using the links located next to the structure drawing tool, allowing for saving time when working with complex structures.


Expanded Timespan support

Web of Science has made it easier for you to check for the most currently added content on regular intervals. You can now select pre-set time periods such as current week, last 2 weeks, last 4 weeks, or year to date in addition to the custom options. These pre-set timespans are available from the basic and advanced Document Search and Cited Reference Search and appear when you request click on the + Add date range button.

Add to History

Are you building a complex query and only want to see your results after you have combined your result sets? You now have the option to either (1) view the results of a query from the Advanced Search page by clicking on “Search” or (2) Add the query to your search history by clicking on “Add to history” and only view your results after you have assembled your multi-step search. Once selected, the requested action “Search” or “Add to history” stays throughout your session until you change it.


The WoS Product Team