New WOS October 13 Release Notes

New author alert types: publication and citation alert, Pivot-RP quick links, send researcher CV to multiple email addresses.

New Web of Science Author Alerts

In this release, two new Web of Science alert types are available for those wishing to track a researcher’s work.

Users can now create Author Publication and Author Citation alerts. These are available for both unclaimed and claimed author records. To set up an alert, click the ‘Create alert’ button in the top right corner of the researcher profile page. A modal will appear, which will offer two checkboxes: one for publication alerts, one for citation alerts.

Like all Web of Science alerts, the author alerts require a registered account with an email address to enable email delivery of the alerts.

Alert settings can be edited on the Saved Searches and Alerts page of the application, using the Author alert tab. Users can switch between publication and citation alerts using the appropriate tabs:


Pivot-RP quick links

Direct links to the Pivot-RR funding database and recommender product are now available in two separate product areas:

1. User’s own researcher profile page

2. Web of Science Core Collection full record page with funding data

These links will take users to the Pivot-RP funding database search.

Please note, access may require institutional verification.


Multiple email recipients for the Researcher Profile CV

Users can manually specify one or more email recipients for their researcher profile CV.

Click the ‘Change address’ button to record the email addresses.

Please note, these email addresses will be overridden by the user’s primary email address, which is the default delivery address. To change the primary address, users will need to go to their Account Settings page.


Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team