New WOS November 10 Release Notes

Researcher search by organization, peer review percentiles, export documents to profile

Search for researcher profiles by organization name

Researcher profiles can now be searched by an organization name, to help make reporting and data management easy. Select Researchers from the homepage and click the search options to select Organization. Use the typeahead to select an organization name (from our Organization Enhanced index) and choose how you wish to run your search. Researchers are associated to an organization via their publication affiliations, so you can choose to either consider their most recent publications, publications in the last 5 years, or all.

Peer review percentiles

Peer review percentiles have been reinstated on researcher profiles in the metrics dashboard, helping you benchmark the peer review output against the general population of researchers. On a researcher profile, open the metrics dashboard and scroll to the peer review section.

Add documents to my researcher profile

You can now add documents to your researcher profile by selecting ‘Add to my researcher profile’ under the export menu from a search results set. Select a single WoS document or multiple documents to add to your profile’s publications list. This feature has been reinstated as it was previously available as an option to export to Publons.

Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team