New WOS May 26 Release Notes

Improved marked lists, Enriched cited references quick filter

Merge marked lists

Do you frequently need to combine existing marked lists to report on a group of authors that you monitor individually? Now Web of Science lets you manage these lists more efficiently. Simply select which lists you wish to combine using the checkboxes and then click on Merge Lists.

When merging lists, please remember that each list must contain fewer than 50,000 records and each user can save up to 50 lists at one time.



Enriched Cited References quick filter

With the expanded collection of citation content data announced earlier, Web of Science now offers an easier way to find the enriched cited references. When searching in the Web of Science Core Collection, a new quick filter allows you to quickly identify which articles have the additional citation context that helps you understand

  • how many times a reference was cited within this article so that you know how impactful it was to the author
  • what references are cited in proximity so that you know which references are most related
  • where in the body of the article it was cited so that you know why the reference might have been cited (ie, references from the introduction or beginning of an article are foundational articles whereas references from the material and methods section may related to how the experiment was structured).
  • why the author may have cited this article based on an analysis of their exact words


Reaction search issue

A fix to a known issue with reaction search is also included in this release. Users can now search for reactions in the Web of Science Core Collection Structure search by uploading a .mol file that contains a chemical reaction.

Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team