New WOS March 24 Release Notes

FSTA, Author Record ‘Submit a Correction', Cited Reference Search, Citation Alerts and more…

FSTA® – the food science resource is now available for you to explore on new Web of Science. FSTA provides thorough coverage of pure and applied research in food science, food technology, and food-related nutrition. It covers topics relating to every aspect of the food chain, including all the major food commodities plus biotechnology, microbiology, food safety, additives, nutrition, packaging, and pet foods.



Author Record ‘Submit a Correction’

The ability to submit corrections to Author Records – either the merging of multiple records together or removing articles written by other people – is now available in new Web of Science. Click ‘Submit a correction’ at the top of any unclaimed Author Record or combined Author Record and launch the brand-new wizard. From here, select the articles that should be removed because they are authored by someone else. Use the ‘Refine’ options to make finding and removing multiple articles easier. Review and then submit your changes and we will provide a response to your correction request within 72 hours.



Cited Reference Search

Cited reference search is now available in the new Web of Science, allowing you to search for records that have cited a published work, navigating the citation index for recent scholarly works related to your topic of interest. Search for a cited author or work and then select the records that you wish to view the citing works for. You can export both the cited and citing works as well as sort the results. Cited reference search is available for the Web of Science Core Collection (support for other citation databases and All Databases will be in later releases).



Citation Alerts

From full records, you can create a Citation Alert for the publication, which will send you an email every time it gets cited by future publications. The Alerts page will show Citation Alerts created in both Web of Science (Classic) as well as in New Web of Science so you can manage all of your Citation Alerts easily.



Export Citation Report

You can now export a citation report from the new Web of Science. Up to 1000 records can be exported with citing year breakdown.



Other updates


Usage Reports

For site administrators, the Web of Science Usage Reports now include COUNTER5-formatted reports for new Web of Science.


Daily Data Updates

We have begun updating Web of Science every day, as opposed to five days per week. If you have set up alerts, you will now receive them on weekends as well as Monday-Friday. Also, updates to Author Records will now be processed every day.



Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.


The Web of Science Product Team