New WOS March 17 Release Notes

BibTeX format update, Notes for RIS export and compound-based patent searches for DII Advance search.

BibTeX Export Format Update
Based on customer feedback, we have updated the BibTeX export format to remove double curly brackets around the fields.


RIS Export Format Update
The RIS export format was recently added as a new export option in Web of Science. When released, we supported primarily bibliographic information, such as author, title, and source fields. We have now added the N1 “notes” field, and it includes times cited count and cited reference count fields.


Derwent Innovations Index
Compound based patent searches are now available on the Advance Search page under session history, allowing for combinations with other result sets and for inclusion in new queries. These are non-editable queries as the underlying compound search is not compatible with document search.



Please note, compound searches will not appear on the Advance Search page as they return compounds from the Derwent Chemistry Resource database. Only document (here: patent) searches are available on the Advance Search page.


Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.


The WoS Product Team