New WOS June 24th Release Notes

Current Contents Connect, marked lists, edition selector and curated author records label.

Current Contents Connect

Current Contents Connect collection, which features the current table of contents from the world’s leading scholarly journals, is now available on new Web of Science. On the new Web of Science, an improved browse capability makes it easier access to view all the articles from a specific journal, to view all the table of content, and to request a journal alert.

You can also request a journal alert when reading an article of interest.

Edition selection

On the document (basic) search for all collections with editions, the editions can now be selected prior to running the search (they are already available within the refine panel after a search is run). Users will only see editions they are entitled to search. The default is all editions will be selected.

Marked Lists

All marked lists saved in classic Web of Science are now available in new Web of Science. The marked list page has been restyled with saved lists immediately available from the left hand menu panel. Marked documents can be added to the ‘Unfiled’ list, or any existing saved lists, or a new list can be created from the search results page. This makes it easier to manage multiple saved lists and add documents to them.

Search Aid Icon

We have replaced text links to search aids with a green icon on the right hand side of the search box. There is an A-Z icon for ‘Select from Index’ and a nested tree icon for ‘Select from Thesaurus’ and ‘Select from List’.


For signed in users, search and activity history will now be saved for up to a year. Search history is grouped by session and date and can be expanded by clicking on the right hand arrow. The search history page has been redesigned to show the type of search and database, as well as the search query and results. Combined queries are compatible with search history.


We now provide FECYT CVN export for those institutions who have this feature enabled.

Current Contents Connect Journal Alerts

In Alerts, you can now see and manage your existing journal alerts from Web of Science classic. Also, you can create new Journal Alerts in Current Contents Connect in the Browse feature as well as when viewing a full record in Current Contents Connect.

Curated Author Records label

Author records that have been curated – meaning that we have received feedback from users on what publications do and don’t belong to the author – will now be identified with an interactive icon. This makes it even easier to understand how the author data has been constructed.

Usage Reports

For site administrators, we’ve updated the COUNTER5 reports in our Web of Science Usage Reporting System. These reports no longer make a distinction between classic and new versions of Web of Science — the metrics provided are for the entire Web of Science platform in a single set of reports. This makes it easier for you to get a complete picture of your institution’s usage, whether using the reports available through WURS or obtained via SUSHI API.

Enriched cited references now include specific mention

Web of Science has expanded enriched cited references by adding an excerpt of the author’s exact words. This short snippet of text allows you to read the specific mention of this cited reference. For the more information, a link to read the complete full-length article at the publisher’s website is provided for easy access.

The enriched cited reference feature is available in a beta format for selected journals. Subscribers can view a sample of records that contain enriched cited references here.

Other updates

Localized for Arabic and Korean

New Web of Science has been translated into Arabic and Korean. To open the language menu, click the word “English” at the right end of the top toolbar.

The WoS Product Team