New WOS June 10th Release Notes

Core Collection Structure search for compound and reaction data, Index date selection, alert management and add name variant in author search.

Web of Science Core Collection structure search


The Web of Science Core Collection™ structure search is now available on the new Web of Science™ platform. Users will be able to search chemical compounds or reactions by using the Elemental drawing tool and the compound and reaction data fields. The two seats of results can be viewed by switching between the Reaction Search and Compound Search tabs on the summary page.

Note: Users whose institution is subscribed to the Index Chemicus and not to the Current Chemical Reactions will be shown the Compound Search results by default. Users with subscription to both indeces will see Reaction Search results by default and will be able to switch between the tabs to view both sets of results.



The Reaction and Compound Details are now available to view without navigating away from the search summary page. On click, the details are shown in a pop-up which allows for navigating between multiple reactions of the same associated publication.



Coming soon for structure search

The following features are not yet available for structure search in the new Web of Science:

  • Reaction and compound data export
  • Save and manage structure search alerts
  • Add compounds and reactions to Marked list

Users will need to use the classic Web of Science platform to access these features.


Index date selection

Users can refine their searches to a specific time period via the Add date range button on the basic, advanced and cited reference search pages.
The Add date range button will reveal the Index Date field, where users can manually enter the lower and upper date limits in YYYY-MM-DD format.
Index date selection is now available for all collections in the new Web of Science.



Manage Web of Science classic alerts

In Alerts, you can now see and manage your existing search alerts from Web of Science classic. In an upcoming release, we will add the ability to manage journal alerts and rerun these classic alerts.


Add name variant in Author Search

You can now add additional name variants when constructing an Author Search, allowing you to easily expand the coverage of your search and to find author records for researchers who may have different names across their publications. In the Authors tab (available in Web of Science Core Collection) add the first name variant and then click ‘Add name variant’ to add additional rows to the search. The results will then contain matches to all name variants provided.