New WOS July 7 Release Notes

Personalized Homepage Dashboard, Export Improvements

Personalized Homepage Dashboard

A new personalized homepage dashboard is available to signed-in users. The dashboard is located right below the search box and includes two new widgets: Recent Searches and Latest Alerts.

Recent Searches

The last 10 document view, alert summary view or search history events will be displayed inside the widget, offering some of the functionalities available on the main History page: copying the query link and deleting the entry from the persistent history. Users will be able to view each of these items and navigate to the main History page for full features and functionalities.

Latest Alerts

The latest 10 alert notifications will be displayed inside this widget. On-click, these notification tiles will redirect the user to the alert summary view that is specific for the alert’s timespan (e.g. last week’s results for a weekly search alert).
The individual notification tiles come with two styles: read and unread.

Customize your homepage

A new account settings page was built to give users control over what they see on the homepage which is accessible from (1) the first homepage widget with the greeting and (2) the settings menu. At the time of release, users will only be able to hide/display the widgets.


Please note, persistent search history and alerts are both features that require a user account, so the homepage dashboard won’t be available to unregistered users. Users who are not signed in will temporarily see a call to action to sign in/register in order to take advantage of the new personalized dashboard.


Added Medline Export Formats       

We’ve added two new export formats to Medline, which now has export to Excel and export to Printable HTML file options.


RIS Export Format Improved

The RIS export file now will contain Article Numbers (in the C7 field) and Early Access Date (in the C6 field) if those data are available in the record.


Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team