New WOS July 30th Release Notes

Advanced search, Zoological Records, and Save to EndNote Desktop

In this release we completed the Advanced search core functionalities and now you can add, edit and combine sets (only from the Advanced Search page). The behaviour is slightly different from Classic WoS and, as the introduction of the query builder, the goal is to lower the learning curve for new users to start using Advanced Search, without impairing the flow of our power users. In the next release we will improve the UI of this page, bringing the field tags above the Search History.

In the content front, with the addition of Zoological Record, we now support 6 databases. You can now search all the existing fields and view the full record page to access the collection-specific data with accompanying one-click searches such as Broad Terms, Descriptors Data, Super Taxa, Systematics and Taxa Notes. 

We also doubled our export options, now you can not only export to EndNote online but also EndNote desktop, the most used export functionality. We will be gradually adding more export options in the next releases. 

Continuing our effort to support accessibility, we are now in the position to announce that we are publishing WCAG 2.1 AA Product Accessibility Conformance Report for New WoS, a level higher from what we previously achieve as we believe this is the right thing to do.

Coming soon: 

  • Analyse results 
  • Chinese Science Citation Database 
  • Export to ‘Other file formats/Other Reference Software’

Thank you all for your support and we are looking forward to work together to bring a better WoS to all our users.  

The WoS Product Team