New WOS July 21 Release Notes

Researcher Profiles in document search results and personalized article recommendations in the personalized homepage dashboard

Researcher Profiles in document search results

Document search results can now be refined by researcher profiles for all Web of Science Core Collection document searches, allowing you to see the people behind the research. This is particularly helpful if you wish to find the most prolific authors in a particular topic area. Researcher profiles will be shown by default, but can be toggled back to name variants if desired. The refinement panel shows you how many documents in that set are authored by that person. Clicking the checkbox allows you to refine the document set to only those by that author.



Click on an author name to view a preview of that researcher profile, including their 5 most recent publications, citations, and ResearcherID. Click ‘View author profile’ to progress to the full profile.



The author list can be expanded by clicking ‘See all’ to show the top 200 authors in that documents set. The search bar can be used to find specific researchers.



Personalized Article Recommendations

Following the launch of the personalized homepage dashboard with the Recent Searches and Latest Alerts widgets, we are introducing a new widget. The “Recommended for you” widget will display 10 articles that are personally recommended to the signed-in user.

Use the “View more” button at the end of the list to view the full set of 50 articles recommended from the Web of Science Core Collections.
Click the more options button right next to the “View Record” link to reveal additional features:

  • Copy article link
  • Add record to an existing or new marked list
  • Add record to the unfiled marked list


The WoS Product Team