New WOS July 1st Release Notes

Basic, advanced and cited patent search in the Derwent Innovations Index. Localized Help files availavle in nine languages.

Derwent Innovations Index

The Derwent Innovations Index is now available in the new Web of Science.

Users can perform basic, advanced and cited patents searches which will be saved to the search and activity history.

Users may add patents to marked lists and export them to EndNote or plain text files.

For patent families we changed how we display individual patent data. We introduced the Patent Family table which merged various tables containing patent and application details, namely the Patent Details, Application Details and Further Application Details tables.

These tables remain available on individual patent full record pages.

Where available, we provide the download link to the full text patent hosted by either Derwent or Espacenet inside the Download column.

The new Web of Science resolves >50% more citations from patents to articles so there are more links available from patents on Derwent Innovation Index to the Web of Science Core Collection.

We have also changed how citation data is displayed for patents in the new Web of Science.

The citation network links jump-to the new citation data container located at the end of the full record page.

Users may switch between the Citing Patents, Patents Cited By and Articles Cited By tabs to review citation data without navigating away from the patent full record page.

Coming Soon for the Derwent Innovations Index:

Compound search is not yet available in the new Web of Science but it is still accessible in the classic Web of Science.

By clicking the compound search tab on the search page, users can access a quick link to navigate back to the classic Web of Science for compound search.

Help File Localization

The Web of Science Help File is now localized into the nine local languages supported by Web of Science platform. Direct links to the Help File will direct users to the English language version, where they can select their local language to continue using the Help File.

The Web of Science Product Team