New WOS August 5 Release Notes

Search improvements, CABI full text links, BibTeX export and more.

Enhanced searching experience

Guided by great customer feedback, we continue to improve the searching functionality on new Web of Science:

  • Volume, Issue and Page information added to search summary results
  • Alerts search history now available on the Advanced Search page
  • Option to exclude WoS Categories while analyzing results
  • Miscellaneous UX/UI enhancements


Full Text Links in CABI

Subscribers to CABI will now see improved access to full-text links. Articles with full-text link information provided to CABI can now be easily surfaced via a new quick filter from the search results page.


Export to BibTeX format now available on new Web of Science

As part of our continuous effort to provide useful export features, we are adding BibTeX export to Web of Science Core Collection and Inspec databases.


Rerun “Classic” Saved Search Alerts

In the Alert management page, the Rerun button is now active for all saved search alerts in the “Search alerts (Web of Science classic)” tab. At this time, the rerun classic search will show only the top set from the saved history – coming soon is the display of all sets in the saved history. If you need to see those sets, return to Web of Science Classic via the Products menu at the top right corner of Web of Science and rerun your classic saved searches there.


The WoS Product Team