New WOS August 19 Release Notes 

DII Compound Search, Suggest a Data Correction, and more.

Derwent Innovations Index – Compound search

The Derwent Innovations Index Compound search is now available in the new Web of Science. Signed in users can now search the Derwent Chemistry Index using structure drawing or text field search. The search results are sorted by molecular weight in ascending order by default but can be changed to the Derwent Chemistry Resource (DCR) number.

Compound details are now available to view on the search results page in an overlay rather than on separate web pages.


Note: Exporting is coming soon for the Derwent Chemistry Index.


Suggest a Data Correction from Full Record

If you would like to suggest a correction to a specific article, you may easily do so. Simply navigate to the lower right-hand corner of the article and click on the Suggest a correction link. For articles in Web of Science Core Collection, Biological Abstracts, Biosis Citation Index, Biosis Previews, Derwent Innovations Index, Data Citation Index, and Zoological Records, you will see a form with the article details prepopulated to make it easy to submit your feedback.



Searching Enhancements

We continue to improve the searching experience in new Web of Science:

  • All Editions in Web of Science Core Collection can be (un)selected with just one click
  • Additional search aid functionality (ongoing)
  • Users can easily switch from Index Date to Publication Date when specifying a date range in both Basic and Advanced search screens



Vote on future enhancements

Have your say on what we build next by using our feedback portal. You can see what features other Web of Science users have requested and vote on which ones you would like to see first. Click on the ‘?’ in the bottom right of your Web of Science screen, then ‘Suggest a feature’, then ‘Open in Portal’. From here, click Dashboard to view all suggestions and give a thumbs up to any that you would like to see too.


The WoS Product Team