Clarivate continues to build a company for the future by aligning its science brands

In the three years since Clarivate Analytics became independent, we’ve charted a bold new course for the company, including being listed on the New York Stock Exchange, building new identities for our trusted brands and developing ambitious roadmaps for our key products and services. In the last three months, we have developed a new organizational structure that identifies and aligns synergies between our businesses, that will scale as we continue to grow, and that guides us to operate consistently across the company. This alignment will enable us to fully focus on how customers consume information, while delivering best-in-class online experiences, data products, analyst-driven reports, analytics and more.

Mukhtar Ahmed has been appointed as President – Science Group, spanning both the Web of Science Group and Life Sciences. A seasoned executive with deep roots in research-orientated businesses, Mukhtar has spent 25 years focusing on innovation and product development within the biopharmaceutical, technology and scientific research industries. A member of the Royal Society of Medicine, his prior roles have been rooted in research and development – the science behind discovery and the execution of successful research, including pre-clinical research and clinical trials. He has also been a Web of Science customer – he was an early user of EndNote for the bibliography management of his own research.

Mukhtar’s significant cross-industry expertise, as well as proven leadership experience, makes him the ideal candidate to lead our combined Science group into the future.

With our recent merger and subsequent NYSE listing complete and this transformation underway, Annette Thomas, President, Science Group, and Samantha Burridge, VP Strategy and Transformation, Web of Science Group, have decided that it is the right time to leave Clarivate.

Annette Thomas said “The Web of Science Group has enjoyed success and rapid transformation – and is in a secure place for continued growth. We have been working hard to bring together our portfolio of products into a powerful, integrated and interoperable research-intelligence platform that comprehensively covers the research workflow end-to-end: prepare, search, discover, assess, award, implement, manage, review, publish, evaluate and exploit outcomes – powered by the Web of Science citation index. This creates a uniquely powerful value proposition that all of our customers will benefit from. We now provide enhanced search, browsing, analysis and visualization, all in one place, augmented by a global consultancy service.  This work continues under the skillful guidance of a global senior leadership team that has been put together over the past two years and both Sam and I wish them continued success.”

I would like to thank Annette and Sam for providing strong leadership of the Web of Science Group during an important period for our company. Annette joined the Board of Clarivate in early 2017, as a non-Executive Director before taking on the CEO role of Web of Science Group later that year. Annette and Sam have been instrumental in conceiving and executing the initial strategy, building an industry-leading team, initiating exciting new acquisitions in Publons and Kopernio and rejuvenating the heritage of the business with the re-establishment of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).  I wish them both well in the future.

Mukhtar Ahmed is well known to the Web of Science Group senior leadership team and together, they will continue to transform the business with continued investment in technology and innovation, with an enormous sense of pride for what has already been achieved.

Mukhtar Ahmed said, “I have inherited a team of highly talented colleagues across the globe and will do everything in my power to enable them to excel in everything they do, be that innovating with new products, providing world-class content, delivering services or delivering exceptional service and experience to our customers. Together, we look forward to accelerating our growth across a number of key areas, including but not limited to extending our product portfolio and applying next-generation analytics to give our customers a solutions experience that is uniquely differentiated and highly compelling.”

As an instrumental part of our transformation and going public, the Web of Science Group continues to be a large part of Clarivate’s growth strategy. We will focus on our strategic initiatives to drive revenue growth, improve colleague engagement, and delight our customers through outstanding service while optimizing our business structure for the long-term.