Interviews: Highly Cited Researchers 2020

Pioneers in their fields. Recognized by their peers. Applauded by the world.

2020 Highly Cited Researchers explain how their research affects the general public, what the most pressing issues in their field are, what qualities they look for in a PhD student, and how it feels to be one of the most cited researchers on the planet.

“Research matters because it puts curiosity and understanding first, and it really puts the greater good first.”

Interview with Georgina Long, Melanoma Institute Australia


“You need to be resilient to failure and to criticism”

Interview with Tamara Galloway, University of Exeter


“I have always put my focus on generating data-based knowledge on the contemporary issues that impact the general public.”

Interview with Ashok Pandey, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research


“Many of the novel ideas come about from having people with whom you can exchange ideas”

Interview with Stijn Wuyts, University of Bath


“By the middle of the 80s I realized: I can do this. I can do science. I have creative energy. And that’s how it all took off.“

Interview with Virginia Lee, University of Pennsylvania


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