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Egyptian Knowledge Bank and Clarivate

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The Arabic Citation Index will extend the global footprint of Arabic scientific research

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The Arabic Citation Index

Funded by the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, the Arabic Citation Index™ (ARCI) will introduce an Arabic interface for the Web of Science™, providing access to bibliographic information and citations to scholarly articles from expertly curated Arabic journals and other Web of Science content.

Built by the Web of Science, ARCI will be hosted on the Web of Science platform. ARCI will make Arabic scholarly content more accessible, connecting it to more than 1.7 billion cited research references (dating back to 1864) and the highest quality, peer-reviewed scholarly content from across the globe.

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The first local language citation index for the Arabic region, hosted on Web of Science

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Web of Science

Confident research begins here.

Web of Science is the world’s most trusted publisher-independent global citation database. Guided by the legacy of Dr Eugene Garfield, inventor of the world’s first citation index, Web of Science is the most powerful research engine, delivering your library with best-in-class publication and citation data for confident discovery, access and assessment.
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An objective analysis of people, programs and peers.

InCites™ is built on the selective, structured and complete data provided by the Web of Science. With customized citation data, global metrics and multidimensional institutional profiles, InCites makes it simple to measure your productivity, benchmark yourself against your peers, find and analyze collaborations and partnerships, and uncover funding opportunities.
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As a researcher, you are constantly juggling different roles, dealing with competing demands on your time, and coordinating not only your own activities in publishing research but also those of your collaborators–around the department and around the world.

EndNote™ X9 is the reference management software that not only frees you from the tedious work of manually collecting and curating your research materials and formatting bibliographies, but also gives you greater ease and control in coordinating with your colleagues.

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Derwent Innovation

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Built by IP experts and data scientists, Derwent Innovation is a market-leading patent research and analytics platform delivering access to globally trusted patents and scientific literature. Our enhanced content, proprietary search and data intelligence technology helps a global community of more than 40,000 innovators and legal professionals find answers to complex questions.
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