On-Demand Webinar

The secret to recruiting reliable reviewers and recognize peer reviews seamlessly

Dr. Sun Han
Assistant Director
World Scientific Publishing
Dr. See Diu Seng
Account Manager, Southeast Asia
Chng Dju-Lyn
Regional Solutions Consultant

75% of academic journal editors say that finding reviewers and getting them to accept review invitations is the hardest part of their job. It makes the matter worse if you cannot formally recognize their reviews.

In this webinar, we discuss how you can easily recruit reliable reviewers and recognize them seamlessly. Hear from World Scientific Publisher how Web of Science Reviewer Locator and Reviewer Recognition have improved their workflow.

What some of our customers say:

“With the help of the Web of Science Reviewer Locator, I can identify suitable reviewers for the manuscripts much faster and our reviewers are happy that their services to the community are recognized/recorded on a trusted platform.”

Dr. Sun Han, Assistant Director, ‎World Scientific Publishing

“Since using Reviewer Recognition Service, I have noticed an increase of ~20% acceptance from our reviewer invitations. In addition, the average speed of being able to find 2 reviewers for each assignment has been shortened to <7days. This integration with the Editorial Manager is very much welcomed and has been positively received by both our Editorial Board and the reviewers. Further integration in this aspect is the right direction to go.”
Jackson Teh, Manager, Singapore Economic Review