On-Demand Webinar

Research Assessment for Ranking Purposes

Webinar recorded on 10 October 2018

Dr. Walid Hassan
Head of Consultancy Services and Client Education
Clarivate Analytics

Through this webinar, Clarivate Analytics aims to support universities by informed guidance on the best practices of the scientific community related to research assessment and evaluation for University ranking purposes.

By shedding light on the subtle differences between various research indicators, this online webinar will equip decision-makers in universities and research institutes with new and genuine perspectives on how to assess and monitor their research performance fairly and efficiently, and hence manage their entities.

This webinar will help you:
  • Learn best practices in research assessment for ranking purposes
  • Understand the true meaning of indicators and how they are measured
  • Discover sets of indicators mostly influencing major international university ranking systems
  • Learn how to devise a growth strategy with respect to a specific university ranking system Webinar