On-Demand Webinar

Publication forms in Gulf states: Trends and dynamics across research categories

June 2020

Dr. Ayman Akil
Head of Professional Services

Discover the various forms of publications (including articles, reviews, proceedings and books) adopted by the Arab Gulf researchers.

Watch the webinar recording to:

  • Better assess the true dynamics of research publications
  • Understand which journals/subscriptions to offer to your researchers (as a librarian)
  • Make better decisions on how to efficiently disseminate your research (as a researcher)

Who should attend?

This webinar will be useful for librarians, researchers and heads of universities, academic institutions and research centers.

Topics covered:

  • How publication forms are changing across gulf countries
  • Open access publication trends
  • Trends across publication forms versus research areas
  • Who is adopting open access and in which research areas as this is key for librarians to strategize approaches to smartly choose/subscribe to relevant, impactful and useful journals