Highly Cited Researchers

Resources and guidance for institutional PR departments

Since 2002, the Highly Cited Researchers list has identified global research scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated exceptional influence – reflected through their publication of multiple papers frequently cited by their peers during the last decade.

Launch date: November 19th 2019, 8am GMT (LONDON).
No materials to be shared externally before this date.

Researchers across the world eagerly anticipate the launch of the Highly Cited Researchers list each year and hundreds of universities also celebrate the inclusion of their own researchers on the list.

To support institutions promoting their Highly Cited Researchers, we are pleased to offer a media kit including:

  • Our own launch press release, annual Highly Cited Researchers report and methodology
  • A sample template press release for institutional use (under embargo until November 19th, 8am GMT/3am EST)
  • Creative assets including digital badges for your website and social accounts
  • Recording of our guidance webinar for institutional press offices
  • Our logo

Watch our webinar ‘Highly Cited Researchers 2019 – Guidance for communications teams at universities & research institute‘ for further information.