On-Demand Webinar

Demonstrating your contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Simon Pratt
Director, Policy and Analysis,
University of Toronto
Martin Szomszor
Director, Institute of Scientific Information Web of Science,
Jon Stroll (Host)
Director, Research Analytics Web of Science,

Is your institution making progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? As institutions grapple with increasing budget constraints, successfully demonstrating your research impact can help you maximize funding opportunities and identify broader research benefits. Framing your institution’s research activities in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals can help you communicate the value and significance of your research outcomes to peers and beyond.

In this webinar, Simon Pratt, Director, Policy and Analysis, from the University of Toronto will share how his institution developed its first SDG report using a data driven approach, exploring all aspects of the university’s activities and their impact across teaching, research, innovation, operations and community outreach.

Martin Szomszor, Director, Institute of Scientific Information, will share further insights into identifying research impact within hot and emerging science trends.