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Bring your publication analysis to the next level with intelligent metrics

Solution Consultant

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Discover the platform that can facilitate and help you run in-depth bibliometric analysis based on the full Web of Science Core Collection content. Use the right intelligent and contextualized metrics to generate reliable comparisons for true benchmarking. Analyze and strategize your collaborations with other research institutions, understand your Open Access position, use multiple angles to understand and strategically position your organization within the international research ecosystem.

What will be covered:
– Assessing impact of publications, researchers, institutions using advanced metrics
– How bibliometric analysis support librarians, researchers, key decision makers

Featured speaker:
Eniko Toth Szasz

Eniko is a solutions consultant at Clarivate. She works with government agencies, academic institutions and corporates mainly in Europe helping them to find answers to their questions and to gain reliable data and insight for strategic decision-making using Clarivate tools.