On-Demand Webinar

Assessing your institution’s collaborations

In today’s global research environment, effective collaboration plays a critical role in advancing research.

It is well-understood that research teams can solve complex and important problems more effectively than individuals working alone, and international collaboration has become a well-recognized measure of a university’s influence. As a result, universities increasingly seek to understand the nature and impact of their collaborations to inform strategy and aid decision-making.

Evaluating your institution’s internal and external research collaborations at scale can be enormously challenging due to the administrative burden required to parse an increasing volume of research outputs and resolve ambiguity surrounding researcher identity in large data sets.

In this session, a senior executive from the Technical University of Denmark and bibliometrician from Uppsala University share insights drawn from their experiences using advanced analytics and tools to understand collaborations at the institution, department, and individual level.

Senior Executive Officer, Research Analytics
Technical University of Denmark – Office for Research, Advice and Innovation

Bibliometrician, Associate Professor (Docent)
Uppsala University – Planning Division and Department of Statistics

Solutions Consultant