When technologies collide: predicting litigation risk using patent transactions

In the peak of the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology convergence is the name of the game. And with increasing technology convergence comes new opportunities, as well as new competitors and new levels of risk.

While patent data is widely acknowledged to be a valuable source for evaluating technology trends, it’s value for competitive intelligence purposes is in many ways underappreciated.

In this webinar, you’ll see how patent data can be used to help you anticipate new competitors, evaluate your protection, and pressure-test your response strategies.

Using an example from an industry experiencing high technology convergence—medical devices—we’ll show how connecting the dots between patent transactions and patent litigation can help you:
• Evaluate the level of patent sales activity in your industry, and what that could tell you about future litigation risk;
• Assess the difference in patent litigation outcomes between “core” and “converging” technologies, and what that might mean for your defensive strategy;
• Understand what companies are most active in your industry – core competitors, emerging players, and/or non-patenting entities (NPEs)
• See how activity varies by region or jurisdiction for your primary markets of interest

By understanding the relationships between technology convergence, patent transactions and patent litigation, you’ll be able to better assess your risk, improve your protection and anticipate your competitors’ next moves with greater confidence.

  • Date:
    October 28, 2021
  • Start Time:
    11:00 am EST
  • End Time:
    12:00 pm EST
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