Rare disease patient journey framework

Life science companies are reassessing traditional approaches to patient journey research amid fast-moving market dynamics, a proliferation of healthcare data sources and technological innovations.

In this webinar, Clarivate will share a robust framework for building a holistic, highly-accurate view of the patient experience for rare diseases, along with tips on how to prioritize strategies, engagement and support activities that will drive the greatest value.

Topics covered include:

Market trends driving patient journey transformation
• Impact of COVID-19 on patient experience
• Greater availability of diverse data sets
• The need to invest in patient journey work earlier in the clinical process

Integrated patient journey framework
• One journey, many lenses: clinical, access, emotional and behavioral
• Real life examples and applications at different points of the lifecycle

Outcomes and value in the R&D-to-commercialization lifecycle and at different points of the journey for patients, payers and healthcare providers.

  • Date:
    June 30, 2021
  • Start Time:
    10:30 am EDT
  • End Time:
    11:30 am EDT
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