Optimization of your trademark workflow – Maintaining your trademark Part 2

The Corporate and Law Firm Executive’s Guide to IP Intelligence
Big data and analytics have climbed to the top of the corporate agenda as their successful application has proven to offer useful industry predictions and competitive differentiation. However, even though business leaders recognize the value of data and insights, IP intelligence is too often not considered in strategic decision-making.

For R&D-focused organizations, IP intelligence provides early insights on competitors and the overall business environment, enabling a company to proactively adapt its strategy as necessary. When effectively used, business leaders and corporate strategists can accelerate the commercial imperatives driving their organization. Register for this webinar to learn how the transformation value of IP intelligence can enhance the quality of your company’s decision-making.

  • Date:
    September 28, 2021
  • Start Time:
    11:00 am CET
  • End Time:
    11:45 am CET
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