Getting From Polymer Design to Eye Implants – Solving Practical Problems Using Basic Research

How can basic research be planned to have an end goal application in mind?
Known as use-inspired basic research, this mode of research aims to discover fundamental knowledge with known potential applications.

From a practical perspective, stakeholders in the research ecosystem have several challenges to implement a use-inspired basic research strategy, such as:

– Why use-inspired basic research and how does it differ from the convention basic and applied research?
– What are the talents needed for a successful use-inspired basic research enterprise?
– How to identify use-inspired basic research opportunities?
– How to measure the success of use-inspired basic research?

Join our webinar with Professor Xian Jun Loh, Executive Director from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR to learn the practical experiences of performing and supporting use-inspired basic research, involving a personal journey from material discovery to biomedical applications.

* This webinar will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing. Register and get your free pass.

  • Date:
    June 22, 2022
  • Start Time:
    10:00 am SST
  • End Time:
    11:00 am SST
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