Getting started on Derwent Innovation for new users

You’re an expert in your field – whether you work in the library, R&D, Analytics, Legal or another department within your organization – but new to Derwent Innovation. You may have searched the web looking for the patent information in the past, but Derwent Innovation makes it easier. Let us show you how to find what you’re looking for accurately and more efficiently with Derwent Innovation

Sessions available:

13 February 2018
10:00 am London
11:00 am Berlin
3:30 pm Bangalore
14 February 2018
9:00 am New York
2:00 pm London
3:00 pm Berlin
20 February 2018
4:00 pm New York
1:00 pm Los Angeles

21 February 2018
8:00 am Sydney
10:00 am  Auckland

27 February 2018
9:00 am London
10:00 am Berlin
2:30 pm Bangalore