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Just released: Innovators to watch 2023

Innovators to watch 2023 identifies 36 companies that are on the path to becoming a Top 100 Global Innovator. These organizations sit within the top 250 innovators yet have never made the Top 100 before. Now, we anticipate that these organizations are within reach of Top 100 status. Read our new report to learn who these new organizations are and discover why they made the watch list.

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Choosing a horizon involves taking a risk. It involves a tough call.

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Marshalling the vast intellect reserve of companies and institutions means knowing where the cutting edge lies and imagining what could be beyond it.

Exploring that innovation edge, visualizing it, means understanding the state of technology today and its direction tomorrow.

It means following the pathway of scientific discovery to engineered design. From the pipeline of the possible, to thinking forward to the practical and sustainable.

From the current now to the chosen next.

Yet today, choosing your horizon is hard. The call is being made tougher; the number of horizons is increasing, their overlap ever more complex.

The hazards of repeat, of delay, of failure, of having pointed your ideation power at the wrong target; these weigh on the decision. They sit on the shoulders of the deciders. Often, they mean accepting a position of follower.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The information exists.

The possible can be found and discerned and the call made easier. The ideas that create new ground can be measured and the organizations that produced them identified.

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Those who choose to lead

For 12 years Clarivate has found those companies and institutions whose research and innovation don’t just sit on the edge of possibility, but define it. Whose talent and judgement chose not to follow, but to lead. That change our next. Those who create their own horizons.

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Measuring ideation and innovation leadership

Through a complete comparative analysis of global invention data to assess the strength of every patented idea, using measures tied directly to their innovative power, we identify companies and organizations with consistently above-the-bar innovation performance.

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Learn about our Top 100 methodology
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Mapping the innovation landscape

Our focus at Clarivate is to read the now, to pore over what humanity knows today and to put forward the intelligence that explores all possible horizons; that enables transition and transformation.

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Latest on the Top 100

Throughout the year, we host virtual, live and on demand events, interview companies on the list and provide new insights related to the Top 100 program. Explore resources to learn more and engage with the Top 100 community.

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Intelligence to transform innovation

At Clarivate, we aim to provide the guidance and the clarity to understand and take advantage of the complex. To use the techniques, the information and the expertise behind the Top 100, contact us today.

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