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The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) builds on the work of Dr. Eugene Garfield – the original founder and pioneer of information science. Named after the company he founded – the forerunner of the Web of Science TM – ISI was reestablished in 2018 and serves as a home for analytic expertise, guided by his legacy and adapted to respond to technological advances.

Our global team of industry recognized experts focuses on the development of existing and new bibliometric and analytical approaches, whilst fostering collaborations with partners and academic colleagues across the global research community.

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Our Global Research Reports and Insights papers draw on our unique industry insights to offer analysis, ideas and commentary to enlighten and stimulate debate.

The Annual G20 Scorecard – Research Performance 2022

A study of energy in transition

Research assessment: Origins, evolution, outcomes

Profiles, not metrics

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The Annual G20 Scorecard – Research Performance 2019

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Global Research Report on South and Southeast Asia

Research Integrity: Understanding our shared responsibility for a sustainable scholarly ecosystem

The Annual G20 Scorecard – Research Performance 2020

Data categorization: understanding choices and outcomes

Subject diversity in research portfolios

Latin America : South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean

Ocean Science: sustainability concerns add urgency for research

Climate change research collaboration

Ethnic diversity in STEM in the United States

Central Europe: A profile of the region and its place in the European research network

Making it count: Research credit management in a collaborative world

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Clarivate releases Annual G20 Scorecard of research performance for 2022

NOVEMBER 18, 2022
This annual review of research indicators for the G20 members by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™ at Clarivate™ enables policymakers and research leaders to identify trends and benchmark key indicators across regions.

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