Navigating the complex world of standards

Techstreet clears the path to better standards management
Industry codes and standards have a simple purpose: to help organizations commercialize their products by ensuring they are built to proper requirements. However, the simplicity ends there; the world of standards is highly complex and constantly changing.

In fact, in 2019, more than half of surveyed engineers, librarians and technical professionals reported that staying on top of the latest industry standards across their organization was a major pain point, followed closely by a lack of visibility into standards usage and the need to reduce compliance risk. When you are part of an organization with multiple locations, teams and projects, how do you stay on top of standards to achieve and maintain national and international compliance?

A smarter approach to standards management could have a significant, tangible impact on your organization. About 77% of customers managing their standards with our subscription-based web platform, Techstreet Enterprise, see a return on their investment within the first year.

We specialize in delivering the most relevant and up-to-date global authoritative standards, custom content options and reporting tools that are critical to success, and we never stop evolving to meet your needs as you streamline standards management across your organization. Check out how our innovative product features set us apart:


  • Homepage – As soon as you log in to the platform, “one-click” access to important documents and features is at your fingertips, organized for optimal user experience and maximum ease of navigation.


  • Search – Techstreet Enterprise gets you to the standards you need quickly and effectively with simple, intelligent searching.


  • Usage Reporting – A full picture of your enterprise-wide standards usage lets you make the right decisions about which standards to keep in your subscription and control costs.


Techstreet Enterprise is trusted by more than 130,000 customers globally to manage standards with greater ease, more control and less risk.

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About Techstreet

Techstreet, a Clarivate Analytics company, has been speeding delivery of standards content to engineers and other technical experts for more than 23 years through its partnership with more than 150 standards publishers worldwide. Techstreet offers more than 550,000 industry codes and standards, one of the world’s largest collections, through its online store and subscription platform. According to leading information research firm, Outsell, Techstreet is the world’s fastest growing reseller of technical standards.