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Web of Science carefully selects and methodically indexes the world’s most influential scholarly literature across all disciplines. Over the fifty-year history of citation indexing, it has become the premier gateway to search and discovery for the world’s vital research literature, including journals, books, and conference proceedings.

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Dive into an objective analysis that supports research evaluation and assessment, collaboration activities, and competitive analysis using the industry’s most trusted content, tools, and services. InCites is only solution that combines your unique internal data points with the objective, trusted information from Web of Science, to deliver reliable metrics and indicators across research activities.

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InCites subscription can give you access to the following services:


EndNote enables you to move seamlessly through your research process with flexible tools for searching, organizing and sharing your research, creating your bibliography and writing your paper. You can sync your  EndNote library across your desktop, online, and iPad so all your references, attachments, and groups can be accessed from anywhere.

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