What is Journal Citation Reports?

Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR) provides you with the transparent, publisher-neutral data and statistics you need to make confident decisions in today’s evolving scholarly publishing landscape.

For more than 40 years publishers, institutions, funders and researchers have relied upon JCR data to identify the world’s leading journals in the sciences and social sciences, understand key citation impact trends, and inform their publishing strategy.

By exploring a rich array of citation metrics, including the Journal Impact Factor™ (JIF), alongside descriptive data about a journal’s open access content and contributing authors, you can quickly understand your journal’s role within and influence upon the global research community.

Using JCR profile pages, you can:

  • Calculate your journal’s Journal Impact Factor.
    Citations in the numerator and citable items in the denominator each link to exportable lists of article data.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the context surrounding your journal’s Journal Impact Factor with time trend and citation distribution visualizations.
  • Quickly determine which institutions and regions contribute to your journal’s Journal Impact Factor, based on the affiliations of your contributing authors.
  • Identify which articles and reviews have contributed the most citations to your journal’s Journal Impact Factor with a few mouse clicks.
  • Easily identify the open access articles in your hybrid journals.
  • Assess how your journal is being cited by other journals in the citation network, including your competitors.

How was your journal selected for Journal Citation Reports?


Each journal profiled in the Journal Citation Reports has met the rigorous quality standards documented in the Web of Science Core Collection™ editorial selection process. Journals that have passed our additional impact criteria and are indexed in the Science Citation Index Expanded™ (SCIE) or Social Sciences Citation Index™ (SSCI) are eligible to receive a Journal Impact Factor™.

If you have any questions about your journal’s coverage in Clarivate products, please contact editorial.relations@clarivate.com.

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