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Training is included as part of a Web of Science subscription, so why not take advantage of this free service? We can offer you training in a number of formats that can be modified to your specific needs. Whether it is on-site, one-on-one over the phone, online via WebEx, our expert training team is here to help you gain the maximum benefit from using Web of Science.


For more resources to help you get started with Web of Science, check out our Libguide.


Full Text Links

As a part of your Web of Science access, you can set up links to from Web of Science records to the corresponding full-text documents your library subscribes to. There are a number of ways links to your collections can be configured. Once the fields are activated in your account, the full text is just one or two clicks away.  Click here for information on how to create your full text links.

Article Match Retrieval

Clarivate Analytics Links Article Match Retrieval Web Service allows for a real-time lookup of bibliographic metadata such as DOI, author, source title, etc., against the Web of Science Core Collection (using the institution’s subscription entitlements). More >>

Web of Science Core Collection Web Services

Web Services allow for integration and a real-time lookup of Web of Science Core Collection source record information against Web of Science Core Collection, using your institution’s subscription entitlements. If a match is found, Web Services will return Web of Science Core Collection article information such as: article title, authors, source data, author supplied keywords, and more.

Kopernio – One-click PDF

Kopernio is a browser plugin that finds the best available PDF of an academic article while you browse. Behind the scenes, Kopernio will search open databases and (where possible) your university’s subscriptions to find the best version of the paper for you. Download Kopernio to get started.

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