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Helping the research community to discover, evaluate and access high-quality OA content

Web of Science is the world’s only publisher-neutral citation database that comprehensively covers millions of editorially controlled and versioned Open Access publications.

11.9 M

Articles with OA versions

23 %

of journal articles in Web of Science over the past 5 years have a free version available


Open Access journals

This unique combination of quality and objective assessment, paired with superior access technology through OA links and Kopernio, makes us the most comprehensive product in the industry, for researchers, institutions, and publishers to discover, access and evaluate OA.

  • Web of Science gives publishers the tools to assess OA publishing programs/institutional strategy with the only comprehensive multi-versioned dataset.
  • WoS now includes legal peer-reviewed Green and previously hidden Hybrid Gold and Bronze OA
  • The powerful combination of Web of Science, Impactstory and Kopernio provides users with access to free full text via a single click.
  • Now with Kopernio, users can not only easily access Open Access publications, but also institutional subscriptions in just a single-click.


Can confidently discover, evaluate and access millions of free, legal versions of high-quality Open Access among the searches they already perform every day across Web of Science.


Can be assured that they are providing their users with the most comprehensive view of trusted Open Access, and delivering easier access to more free full text – extending their library budgets and supporting Open Access initiatives. 


Benefit from increased exposure and usage of their Open Access content.  Web of Science links directly to the Publisher’s Open Access or free-to-read version whenever possible—helping researchers find the publisher version first as part of their natural search and discovery processes.

Open Access on Web of Science means:

  • Researchers get to more free, trusted full text faster
  • Libraries get the best value from their full text budgets
  • Publishers get increased exposure of their Open Access content
  • Users can filter any search to view just OA content
  • Clear labels identify which publications are OA
  • Run search and analysis on Open Access content to see trends in OA publishing
  • Install Kopernio for one-click access to open or subscription full text


Web of Science was the original innovator in Open Access discovery and we continue to lead the way through strategic innovation and partnerships

In 2014 we invented OA discovery, and In 2017 we partnered with Impactstory to provide better identification of Open Access publications already indexed in the Web of Science, and now, in 2018 we extended our offering to include legal peer-reviewed Green and previously hidden Hybrid Gold.


Cutting-edge collaboration

Through cutting-edge collaboration – in a novel public/private partnership, Clarivate Analytics joined with Impactstory, a non-profit organization devoted to making science more open and reusable, to achieve the goal of making Open Access content easier to discover. We provided Impactstory with a grant to help them develop their OA discovery technology, which enabled a more complete corpus of all types of OA discovered by Impactstory to be made openly available, not just to Web of Science users but the global research community as a whole, via Impactstory’s Unpaywall services. The grant has also helped to push the limits of their discovery of hybrid gold content and address the problem of green open access versioning for the first
time. Today, Web of Science is using the enhanced Open Access identification technology from Impactstory.


OA versions available on Web of Science:

  • DOAJ Gold, Other Gold (Hybrid), Bronze, and Green OA
  • For Green OA articles, Web of Science will link to peer-reviewed versions legally hosted in open repositories
    • Accepted Version
    • Published Version
  • For all OA articles, Web of Science will preference links to the publisher’s Gold or Bronze version, when available.
  • WEEKLY UPDATES will contain newly discovered OA and any changes to OA status or links that Impactstory finds.


PLEASE NOTE: Number of open access records available will depend on your institutional Web of Science collection entitlements

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