The IP Management System
Cloud Edition

Comprehensive IP management made easy

Focus on your IP strategy while we handle the hardware, software, upgrades and support

The IP Management System Cloud Edition is a highly secure hosted option that lets you focus on your IP strategy while we handle the hardware, software, upgrades and support.  You get deep docketing capabilities, the power to enable collaboration between departments, in-depth reporting to speed decision making, and more – plus comprehensive IT support so that you can rest easy with confidence that all your needs are covered.

Cloud Edition

Perfect for organizations that want to quickly and easily take their IP management to the next level while avoiding a lot of the complexity and hassles, the Cloud edition allows you to:

  • Take advantage of best-in-class IP management software while eliminating the IT hardware and support costs
  • Reduce upfront costs with a simple annual subscription price
  • Easily stay up to date with the latest releases with automated upgrades
  • Get all of the core features of our Enterprise Edition through cutting edge cloud technology

Cover your bases with IP Rules

The performance and success of an asset management system can only be as good as the rules on which it runs. Be prepared for shifting legislation with the engine that powers The IP Management System – IP Rules – the most comprehensive rules file in the industry. IP Rules covers approximately 2,500 law changes each year in nearly 400 jurisdictions around the world.

Our proprietary IP Rules enable you to:

  • Comply with global IP developments and ensure timely payments
  • Validate the integrity of newly acquired portfolios
  • Forecast the cost of maintaining your rights
  • Streamline IP portfolio decision making

Leverage the experience of the industry’s most knowledgeable IP experts

There is no substitute for experience. When seeking a partner to help manage your organization’s IP assets you want confidence that they know what they are doing. You can feel completely secure with us.

Clarivate Analytics:

  • Has provided our clients the tools to manage their IP assets for more than 45 years
  • Has implemented IP management systems for the world’s most innovative organizations including numerous Fortune 500 companies
  • Manages and protects millions of IP assets globally


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