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Esploro Client Sites

The Esploro community is rapidly growing, as more and more institutions select Esploro to showcase the full spectrum of their institutional research and improve the efficiency of scholarly communication.

Esploro customers have created a vibrant global community to share knowledge, form best practices, and advise Clarivate on product roadmap. This page lists some of the institutions that use Esploro. Click through to visit their Esploro-enabled research repositories and portals.

Adelphi University

“By asking important questions, taking the time to do thorough and exacting research, and sharing the results through peer-reviewed journals, academic conferences and the popular press, we expand our collective knowledge and are making the world a better place.” Steve Everett, DMA Provost

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

“The repository gathers the outcomes of the research conducted at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and at Eurac Research, including articles, working papers, technical reports, conference proceedings and PhD theses.”

Brandeis University

“Esploro fills an enormous gap in our scholarly communications infrastructure and builds the Brandeis identity as a research institution.”

Creighton University

“ResearchWorks makes it easy to showcase faculty work, locate subject matter experts to enhance collaboration, and report on scholarly output, all while minimizing time spent on manual data entry.”

University of Denver

“Esploro will enable us to easily pull information about grants and publications from various systems and present that information to our faculty and the world.”

Drexel University

“Esploro goes beyond our strategic vision to shape future research through providing convenient access to Drexel-generated research.”

Eckerd College

“The purpose of site is to share the intellectual and creative works of the College, including publications by students, student-faculty collaborations, faculty, and staff.”

College of Environmental Science & Forestry

“ESF is a leader in integrating the energy and excitement of research with the formal requirements of degree and certificate programs.”

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

“FDA is planning to utilize Esploro to meet the 2022 White House OSTP memo on Open Science requirements. The FedRAMP authorized Esploro platform will be an integral part of FDA’s representation of research, scientific output, and expertise, providing the public with immediate access to published output and publicly approved data.”

Florida Gulf Coast University

“Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) is a transformative, learner-centered institution dedicated to student success that strategically serves Southwest Florida and beyond. FGCU aspires for national prominence and global recognition as a community-focused, comprehensive institution driving positive change and shaping the future of higher education.”

University of Georgia

“The Office of Research encourages and supports innovative interdisciplinary research, scholarship and creative activities that contribute to the physical, emotional and economic well-being of the people of Georgia, the nation and the world.”

Hillsdale College

“The Hillsdale College Research Repository preserves and provides access to the research and creative output of the faculty, staff, and students of Hillsdale College”.

HTW Dresden

“Esploro offers the first practical solution on the German market that combines all research output and data into one seamless experience for researchers, administrative users, library staff, and faculty.”

University of Iowa

“Iowa Research Online preserves and provides access to the research and creative scholarship created by the University of Iowa’s faculty, students, and staff.”

University of Johannesburg

“UJ has benefited from a large pool of researc​hers bringing together various fields of expertise and research focus areas. The University provides the ideal ground for interdisciplinary research with a growing number of NRF-rated researchers choosing to settle on our campuses”.

University of La Verne

“Our mission is to advance the University through research and assessment, and build a culture of evidence to continuously improve the quality of teaching, learning, and delivery of services.”

LIUC Università Cattaneo

“The Esploro solution’s ability to integrate research management procedures was a major factor in our selection of this solution.”

Los Alamos National Laboratory

“We deliver agile, responsive knowledge services, connecting people with information, technology and resources.”

University of Miami

“Scholarship@Miami features selected research and scholarly works prepared by faculty, students, and staff of the university.”

Royal Danish Defence College

“In Esploro you will find information about the Defense Academy’s researchers, their publications and a wide range of open access materials.”

Murdoch University

“The Murdoch University Research Portal showcases and makes available the research outputs of our researchers to a worldwide audience. Increasing the chances of citations and collaboration with other researchers and highlighting the University research profile.”


“Our mission is to advance the university through research and assessment, and build a culture of evidence to continuously improve the quality of teaching, learning, and delivery of services”.

Rutgers University

“Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers (SOAR) collects and provides access to the research output of Rutgers University faculty and scholars, including journal articles, book chapters, working papers, conference proceedings, creative works, patents, and more.”

Sacramento State University

“Esploro will provide the power to launch us beyond our campus borders and enable us to highlight our expanding technologies, knowledge, and expertise.”

Southern Cross University

“The Research Portal supports all types of intellectual, creative and cultural outputs providing a platform for depositing Open Access and metadata records of our research.”

Stockholm School of Economics

“With Esploro, we will be better positioned to showcase the richness of scholarship at SSE, support researchers, and seamlessly feed metadata into the SwePub national research database”.

University of the Sunshine Coast

“USC Research Bank will increase the exposure of your research by making it accessible worldwide via the Internet.”

University of Surrey

“We have a range of expertise to support impact activity at Surrey. This helps our academics to enhance the impact of their research, enabling positive change across society and lasting impact around the world.”

Susquehanna University

“Endeavor: Scholarly & Creative Works is a service dedicated to preserving and providing open access to the research and creative scholarship of the University.”

Washington State University

“The possibility of moving to a more holistic method of supporting and advancing research in exciting for WSU.”

University of West Florida

“UWF research and community partnerships advance the body of knowledge and enhance the prosperity of the region and the state”.

International Labour Organization

“The Repository will act as a one-stop-shop for policymakers and researchers, bringing together ILO knowledge and showcasing the organization’s research and its experts’ work.”

Air University

Status: In implementation

University of St. Thomas

Status: In implementation

Saudi Digital Library

Status: In implementation

University of Idaho

Status: In implementation

Vanderbilt University

Status: In implementation

Virginia State University

Status: In implementation