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Researchers routinely collaborate on a global scale, and the ability to work remotely is increasingly important. Manually creating, maintaining and sharing reference lists is time-consuming, particularly when managing input from colleagues worldwide. In fact, researchers waste nearly 200,000 hours per year formatting citations.

EndNote™ 20 helps researchers save time, stay organized, collaborate with colleagues and get published. With tools that automate bibliography creation, help with large-scale literature reviews, simplify finding and editing PDFs and allow sharing, researchers can focus on what matters most: their ideas.

Key benefits

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  1. Global collaboration
    EndNote 20 offers flexible solutions for sharing that help everyone stay on the same page. Up to 400 people can work across geographic boundaries from a single reference library, no matter where they are located or what organization they are affiliated with. Users can give read and write or read-only access to all or only a portion of their library.
  2. Subscription journal content in one click
    Researchers can initiate a search for full-text PDFs across all your institution’s subscriptions and freely available sources. When the article is found, it is automatically attached to the related reference. Then, users can read and annotate PDFs that open full size.
  3. Seamless organization
    Researchers can easily stay organized with a reliable system that stores unlimited references and provides powerful tools to help organize and manage references with ease and speed.
  4. 7,000+ reference styles
    Researchers can automatically build their bibliography with EndNote’s Cite While You Write tool in Microsoft Word, with access to a library of more than 7,000 styles – more than any other reference tool – or they can customize their own style.

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