Publons Reviewer Connect

Find, screen and connect with expert peer reviewers

What if you could reliably find, screen and connect with the right reviewers for every manuscript?

Publons Reviewer Connect is the only search tool that uses cross-publisher peer review, publication and availability data to help you find reviewers and get publications out the door faster. ​Publons Reviewer Connect is now fully integrated in to ScholarOne Manuscripts, as the next-generation successor to Reviewer Locator.

Every search looks at over 10 million authors from the Web of Science Core Collection citation indexes and Publons‘ exclusive peer review database. Delivering up to 30 precise recommendations, you can easily see a reviewer’s publications, peer review record and availability. ​

Whatever your size, whatever submission system you use, Publons Reviewer Connect will help you to pinpoint the right peer reviewers faster, more easily and with the quality assurance of Web of Science curation.

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How can Publons Reviewer Connect help you?

Join the many publishers worldwide who have already partnered with Publons and benefit from:

  • Publons Reviewer Connect is compatible with all peer review systems
  • Increase your chances of getting high-quality peer reviews by inviting the right subject-matter experts
  • Naturally expand your reviewer pools as Web of Science and Publons grow
  • Reduce the cost and administrative burden of finding and recruiting reviewers
  • Prevent reviewer fraud with more information to assess reviewer candidates
  • Streamline your peer review workflow to help speed up overall peer review times

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