ResearcherID & ORCID

Accurate attribution has long been a challenge in the scholarly sphere.

Whether one is the researcher, funder, publisher or another contributing to this ecosystem, it is critical that work be properly identified and tied to the right individual, institution, publisher or funder. Clarivate Analytics has long known this, hence the reason for its ResearcherID solution. And, hence the reason for the company being a founding member of the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) initiative.

ResearcherID and ORCID are complementary attribution identifiers. They go hand-in-hand and it is essential that scholarly authors and researchers have both. ORCID is a platform-agnostic identifier, whereas the ResearcherID identifier is specific to T Clarivate Analytics. With a ResearcherID, users can:

  • Showcase and network more easily across the Web of Science
  • Access citation profile and metrics in the Web of Science
  • Provide end-user feedback on publications for claiming purposes, which will propagate through other Clarivate Analytics offerings
  • With the latest release of ResearcherID, members can seamlessly exchange data between their ResearcherID and ORCID profiles:

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