ReseacherID & the ORCID Initiative

Clarivate Analytics is a founding member of the ORCID initiative, having worked closely with the organization since inception in 2009 to develop and define the principles for this program.


Clarivate Analytics has long known this, hence the reason for its ResearcherID solution.  And, hence the reason for the company being a founding member of the ORCID initiative.  As ORCIDs begin to embed themselves in the research community, we are working to embed them across our products, providing integrated continuity for the use and access of this information.

Even if a researcher has an existing ORCID through another resource, it’s important that it be linked to his/her ResearcherID profile for a proper trail of information down the road. ResearcherID is the primary place where Times Cited data in the Web of Science Core Collection appears, thus underscoring the importance of having both identifiers, and having them connected (ResearcherID and ORCID).