Informing Web of Science

Web of Science and ResearcherID are fully integrated.

You can search Web of Science by a ResearcherID, as well as view a link to the ResearcherID profile from a Web of Science record.

ResearcherID is fully integrated across Web of Science and Publons.

A ResearcherID is minted for every researcher with at least one claimed publication in Web of Science. Every time you claim a publication using any of the methods below, it helps to update the distinct author sets and publication records in Web of Science for correct author attribution.

There are a few ways to claim your Web of Science publications:

  • Import publications to your Publons profile from your Publons dashboard:
    No matter how you add publications to Publons, we search Web of Science  for matching records. If we find a match, we:

    • surface the Web of Science Core Collection times cited counts for those publications;
    • add any missing metadata to the records; and
    • add your ResearcherID number and links to your profile to the records in Web of Science.
  • Export publications to Publons from Web of Science by selecting “Claim on Publons — track citations” from the dropdown.
  • Coming soon: Find and claim your Author Record in Web of Science (this requires creating a Publons profile)

What’s Publons?

The world’s researchers use Publons to track their publications, citation metrics, peer review history and journal affiliations in one place. It’s free and simple to maintain thanks to integrations with Web of Science, ORCiD and thousands of the world’s journals.