Taking the Pulse U.S. 2015 – Physicians Who Treat Hepatitis C Segmentation

Taking the Pulse® US is a study and strategic advisory service focused on helping life clients understand physicians who treat hepatitis C digital behavior and pain points, identify emerging content and service opportunities, and optimize their cross-channel HCP engagement strategy.

Questions answered in this report:

  • Movement in a triple-screen environment: With three device use now commonplace, what role does each screen play in physician workflow throughout the course of their day?
  • A wealth of information: Which sources (online and offline, pharma and non-pharma) are physicians turning to in various workday scenarios?
  • Video as a new medium: How can online video best be harnessed to engage physicians?
  • EHRs beyond the patient record: What are the opportunities for engagement on an EHR platform? How are advanced EHR features impacting physicians’ use of professional websites and apps?
  • Macro shifts in healthcare delivery: How are formulary restrictions, a shift towards outcomes-based measures, and other large-scale changes in healthcare policy impacting physicians’ practices in 2015?
  • The patient-physician relationship: How is communication between physicians and patients evolving?