Taking the Pulse U.S. 2016 – Module 1 – Virtual Patient Consults

While the technological underpinnings of telehealth have been in place for several years, large-scale
adoption of live consultations is now beginning to take hold. A number of macro factors are driving this shift, including the increasing primacy of the patient experience and the need to serve a greater number of patients while holding down costs in a post-healthcare reform world. For pharma, this change in the provision of care represents a crucial opportunity to partner with physicians conducting these remote consults. In this report, DRG Digital has outlined the current state of the virtual patient consult market and identified key tactics for pharma to consider in the short-term and long-term.

Question answered in this report:
• Who are the physicians using virtual patient consultations?
• Are virtual consults being used to make clinical decisions?
• What platforms are physicians using to conduct virtual consults?
• What opportunities exist for pharma to engage with physicians conducting virtual patient consults?