Remaining Opportunities in the Cardiovascular Space: Innovation in the Face of Genericization

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the number one cause of death globally. With the prevalence of CVD set to increase significantly over the next decade and treatment costs escalating, the CVD drug pipeline is robust and diverse. However, the market is currently in a state of transition; the recent launches of generic versions of the most highly prescribed CVD agents have placed increased pressure on drug developers to establish the superiority of new agents over existing treatment options, or to demonstrate increased outcomes benefit when used alongside the standard of care. This pressure is amplified by the increasingly difficult reimbursement and regulatory environment.

To understand where the remaining opportunities lie in CVD, we must first explore the unmet needs in each indication and assess key opinion leader feedback. This report provides an overview of the main areas of unmet need in several key CVD markets. Through the identification of these key areas of unmet need within CVD, we then highlight several areas where the greatest opportunities are for pharmaceutical developers, where innovation can still triumph over genericization.

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