Consumer Digital Marketing in the United States: The Digital Health Journey and Opportunities for Pharma Marketers

The emergence of digital resources in the healthcare system has changed the healthcare experience for U.S. consumers. Online health, consumers’ use of digital resources for health research and care management, is evolving from an info-seeking resource to interactive services and tools that facilitate patient decision making and care management. With pervasive connectivity and the growing market around the seamless transmission of health data among patients, providers, payers, and health systems, consumers have access to digital health resources on multiple screens, in many locations, for an array of health scenarios.

As digital marketers look to execute a more sophisticated patient engagement strategy, they should focus on continuously demonstrating value to the patient. Many marketers must quit solely fighting for broadcast space to promote products, as this is just one tactic, and also begin to leverage the appropriate digital channels that patients access across their health journey to reach patients in their moment of need.

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