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Approved therapies for Alzheimer's disease (AD) comprise symptomatic agents (e.g., donepezil, memantine) that provide only modest cognitive benefit for a limited period of time. A rapidly growing population, coupled with significant unmet medical need for better therapies, is propelling the development of putative disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) spanning a range of mechanisms of action and drug targets (e.g., beta amyloid, tau) and clinical profiles. Meanwhile, the need for new symptomatic agents remains high; indeed, several novel adjuncts for treating AD-associated neuropsychiatric symptoms (psychosis, agitation) are advancing through the pipeline. Although far from guaranteed, the launch of one or more of these promising therapies will radically change not only the commercial outlook for the heavily generic AD therapy market but also clinical management of AD, including diagnosis and treatment. This report will examine physician receptivity to, preparedness for, and anticipated use of key late-phase AD therapies, with additional perspective provided by U.S. payers.


  • How do neurologists view the clinical profiles of Aduhelm and other emerging DMTs, and how do they plan to incorporate these agents in treatment? What role will primary care physicians play?
  • What factors will drive the prescribing of new behavioral adjuncts for AD patients with neuropsychiatric symptoms? How will these drugs compete with one another and with off-label generic alternatives?
  • How do payers view the clinical profiles of pipeline therapies? What are the value drivers that will influence formulary decisions? What restrictions / requirements do payers envision?


Clarivate’s Special Topics reports use quantitative and/or qualitative primary research to assess evolving trends and market effects in dynamic disease areas. Insights from this report will help developers gauge the competitiveness and sales potential of late-phase assets in the AD market.

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  • Alzheimer's Disease - Special Topics - Special Topics (US) - New Treatments In Alzheimer's Disease
    • New Treatments in Alzheimer's Disease

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