Special Report: Commercial Opportunities in Vaccines

Vaccines are used to confer protection against a host of bacterial and viral pathogens that cause infections associated with high mortality and/or morbidity. Implementation of vaccination programs has had a revolutionary impact on global public health, leading to dramatic reductions in the incidence of infectious diseases, decreasing childhood and adult mortality rates, and drastically improving life expectancy and quality worldwide. In the United States, patients receive a wide range of vaccinations throughout adulthood, some of which not only prevent infections but also associated diseases (e.g., cervical cancer due to human papillomavirus [HPV]). The adult U.S. vaccine market continues to see launches of novel vaccines that prevent additional bacterial and viral infections. Despite notable competition, the adult segment remains an attractive market for the development of new vaccine options. This report focuses on five current vaccine indications (pneumococcal disease, meningococcal disease, HPV, herpes zoster [HZ], and flu) and associated patient demographics, patient share data, and current prescribing trends for these indications. For brands, product attributes that drive and constrain physician prescribing behavior are highlighted. Key attributes for emerging therapies are also explored.

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