Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (The Dynamic NSCLC Market: How Will European Payer and Physician Attitudes Shape This Highly Lucrative Market?) | Physician & Payer Forum | EU5 | 2015

The late-stage development pipeline for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is one of the busiest pipelines in oncology, with approximately 25 novel therapies in Phase III development. Several of these agents, including the PD-1 inhibitors Opdivo (Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Keytruda (Merck & Co.), the third-generation EGFR inhibitors AZD-9291 (AstraZeneca) and rociletinib (Clovis Oncology/Celgene), and the second-generation ALK inhibitor Zykadia (Novartis), are set to enter the European NSCLC market by the end of 2018. Novel therapies are expected to be priced at a premium and to join existing costly therapies such as Alimta (Eli Lilly), Avastin (Roche), Tarceva (Roche/Astellas), and Xalkori (Pfizer), further fragmenting an already crowded and competitive market. As therapies seek to optimize their place in medical practice, and EU5 markets strive to constrain healthcare expenditures, payers and prescribers must balance tightening budgets and evolving cost-containment policies with clinical need.

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